My journey began in November 2012, when I moved from London to Los Angeles to be with my boyfriend PC and our two dogs, Bubba + Theo. After two months of unpacking boxes, finding space for myself and learning a new way of life, I have decided to document my journey for people back home in the form of a blog.  So in January 2013 redlovinpixie.blogspot was born. Learning as I go, this will be a place where I can chronicle my adventures in Lalaland.  From interiors and knitting to food and dogs, my hope is to take you all (friends, family and followers), on an exciting journey from my perspective.

Welcome to redlovinpixie.blogspot 2013

If you would like to get in contact please drop me an email on:

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  1. Hi there! Our mutual friend, Dom, introduced me to your blog, thinking it'd be something I'd like. He was right! I love the photos and ease of navigation. Keep up the good work! ~M.


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