October 07, 2013

Photo Styling Challenge | Part 4 Morning

I honestly cannot believe it is already month 4 of the challenge.  I remember having a skype chat with RedesignedbyM and planning out the rules and categories...  Times flies and I'm getting old (less than 3 months to go until the big 3-0!!!).  What I also can't believe is how long it is since I last blogged, I think I said that last time, but seriously, some people blog everyday!!!  Truth is, I'm probably going to switch over to wordpress (ssssssshhhh, don't tell blogger) as it seems much more flexible for what I need.  I am also looking to change my name and pretty much everything about my blog making it a bit more pro.  I originally started this for people back home to keep up with my travels but now I want something more work related with 'lifestyle' attached.  ANYway, I've gone on major tangent here so I present to you this month's Photo Styling Challenge... Morning !

I'm dedicating this post to the love of coffee.  I LOVE breakfast time more than any other meal time in the day and I often start off my weekend with a big breakfast and cup of coffee.  I try to limit myself to drinking coffee only at the weekend at fear that I will get addicted to it if I drink it during the week (weird I know but it's my thing).

I have my London favourite coffee from Fortnum and Mason: Kings Blend and I also have my US favourite: Handsome Coffee Roasters.

Anyway, these photos are the best pick of the bunch and as my own worst critic... they could be better. Although as I write this post the night before it's set to launch I am finding myself craving coffee so I mustn't have done that bad of a job right?!?  I think if I'd had more time I'd have done things differently  (like everyone).  

My weekends (and weekdays) also consist of waking up next to two puppies of which I could have totally photographed but I would have had to style them, and they aren't the most stylish looking pup's that's for sure (don't tell them I said that though).  I had already done posts about breakfast food here and here so I had to feature coffee it is for this months theme.  I do wish I'd tried out various angles but hey, we live and learn and this challenge is for fun so I'm not trying to be too precious about it.  However, I would love to know your thoughts...

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There is still also time to join in.  We are only a quarter-way through the list so get on board by leaving your details in the comment box below... 

Next month Bedroom!

Gosh I just realised how much I miss blogging, more to come soon...


  1. Hi Ginny. I've tried commenting earlier as well, but most times an error pops up. I'm trying once again.
    You take beautiful pictures and every photo of yours has a story to tell. I like all the pictures of this challenge, but what catches my eye are pics 3 and 4. Fresh grounded brew and a coffee smeared spoon always invites. Great work Ginny!

  2. WoW! These photographs are beautiful! I just love the colour pop of your Fortnum & Mason, really beautifully captured.
    I am also in the process of redesigning my blog and photography portfolio...you should check out an incredibly easy and beautiful online website builder called SquareSpace (http://www.squarespace.com/) you can customize the most gorgeous and professional looking sites! Good luck :)


  3. Lovely pics, especially the one focused on the dried-up coffee on the spoon
    (number 3). Was it a conscious decision to shoot all pics from above?
    And on a side note, my full blog name is 'At The Corner Of Happy And Harried'!

  4. Excellent work, as I knew it would be! As I told you last night, you were probably needlessly worried as you have done nothing but stellar work since we started. This post is further proof that you understand your camera and styling better than you give yourself credit for. I love that you chose a teal linen similar to the teal of the coffee can lid. The monochromatic color scheme has a peaceful quality about it, especially using the blue family. My favorite image is the first one... it tells a really good story about the art of making coffee. The random spillage of coffee grounds and beans is perfect. ~M.


  5. your pics look effortlessly wonderful... although I am sure they were anything but! I love the color combination and as M said, the gray of the linen really lets the teal of the coffee can lid pop. I love it! My favorite has to be the one with the coffee stain on the linen. It seems so rustic!

  6. Hi Ginny! I think these are all quite good. I love the cloth as the backdrop and the coffee grounds sprinkled around. Now that's real life! It's also very pretty. My favorite is definitely the fourth one. I don't have any specific feedback except to say that in a close-up shoot like this, I really do hold with the conventional wisdom that an odd number of items works better than an even number. Plus, you could also consider from the viewer's perspective how their eye should travel--side to side, corner to corner, etc. Honestly, I think these are stellar, but it would give you something else to think about/play with since you mentioned you weren't totally happy with them.

  7. I quite like this shoot. Especially the colors and the richness of the coffee. The froth on coffee makes it look delicious. Nice Work. This might be a crazy idea. But what if you spilled all the coffee everywhere and let coffee beans float in the coffee bath? It could be fun to try.


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