July 09, 2013

Collection 17 | Table Setting

With me taking part in the Photo Styling challenge I am looking for some nice pieces for the Part 2 of the challenge: Table setting.  Here are a few things I've seen over the last week.  I literally cannot get enough of A Sunny Afternoon's new range of home wares, especially the hexagonal serving board shown below.  I also featured their picnic basket in last week's Collection.

1. Vase | 2. Plates | 3. Porcelain Spoons | 4. Hexagon serving board | 5. Napkins

If you haven't seen the photo styling challenge, please check it out here...


  1. those porcelain spoons . . . I'm such a sucker for gold and white : )

  2. Love those plates! They would photograph really well. ~M.



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