July 19, 2013

Thrifting Finds

Since working on The Fig House I have been introduced to the wonderful world of thrifting.  I now have a new found love for rummaging through thrift stores, antique shops and charity parking lots (no joke).  But seriously though, there are some awesome pieces out there that are about to go to the tip | dump and if rescued could be re-upholsted | re-finished into something new and original.  I do have to thank Emily and Dean for introducing me though, they have the knack of seeing the potential in what others would see only as trash (me included, up until now).  I think I'm lucky in that L.A. does have some really good stores and ones that don't try to make you pay an arm and a leg for their goods.

It has always said in my horoscope that Capricorn's are into antiquing and I never have been. I have never had the eye for it and the idea of trolling through dusty stores that probably came from someones dead Grandmother really didn't appeal (sorry too much info there I know).  Now I'm not saying that I have an eye for it now that I like doing it but I did have a great experience the other week and saved myself over $1000, YES $1000!!!

This lamp...

For those who know me know I love anything gold, anything brass, so when I was hitting up my local thrift store this pair of 1970's brass pharmacy floor lamps caught my gold-loving eye (maybe I should change my blog name!?).  The label had them tagged at $70 for both.  Bingo!  That's more than good for a pair of stunners like this.  I noticed on the top that they had an imprinted logo 'Koch and Lowy', a company which I'd never heard of.  So as you do now in this day and age, I googled them.  The search took me to 1st dibs where they were for sale for... $1250!!! Ching ching ching!  This is possibly thee best bargain I've ever come across. The shop assistants were none-the wiser as I skipped out of there with my new lovely brass lamps, one of them even commented and said "we only put those out half an hour ago"... talk about right place, right time.

I also came back with a stash of goods for the photo styling challenge and a few things for the home including a mid-century stool and a needlework cushion...

There's a lot of hidden treasures in this place, I keep finding vintage Royal Albert china, which I absolutely adore and have since started up a mini collection.

I love this painting of a ship by W. Neudorff who I actually can't find any info on.  I think I like it because of the English flags on there :) It's still there in the store so I think it's calling out for me to buy it...

Also this shell lamp... Is it possible to own too many brass floor lamps???  Hmm, maybe I should get this for my office. :)

I went thrifting today with Dana and picked up a cute little green vase for my next photo styling challenge and some more Royal Albert china. This time I got a few pieces from the Lavender Rose collection.

I have still yet to visit the Rose Bowl and Long Beach flea market but we have it on out list of places to visit soon!  Speaking of which, the Long Beach market is this coming Sunday... :)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I loooooove thrifting. Great find on those brass lamps!

  2. Nice find! You might do well selling them to a collector at their going rate. It'd be a pretty profit for more thrifting! (That is, if you're not too attached to those lamps...) ~M.


  3. I almost bought those lamps!! Too funny.


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