August 05, 2013

Photo Styling Challenge | Part 2 Table Setting

It seems like such a long time since the first posting of the Photo Styling Challenge but here it is, Part 2 Table Setting.  Unlike last time where I shot the scones the day before posting (hungover might I add), I shot this challenge over two weeks ago.  I did however avoid looking at them on screen until just yesterday.  I think I had this innate fear that they would be terrible, I am after all my own worst critic.  I'll be totally honest and without sounding negative, I am not 100% feeling good about this shoot.  The positives I can take from this are that it is a challenge therefore I am not expected to be 100% amazing.  I am learning as I go for sure!

I decided to shoot an outdoor lunch for two.  I sourced a lot of vintage/thrifted pieces for this which again is another positive to this challenge.  I now love rummaging through old plate-ware and finding little gems hidden amidst the dust.  I pretty much love all the pieces I found for this shoot, in particular the two Royal Albert teacups and I can happily say my collection is growing.

The main challenge and what I don't like of the outcome of this shoot was the weather conditions.  It was pretty cloudy and it even started to rain which for mid-July in LA I believe is pretty unheard of.  But like any budding (novice) photographer, I pressed on without letting it bother me. I experimented with the aperture, shutter speed and ISO to try and get this table setting come to life but the end results came out really dark. It is however good to look back on the photos and see what I would have changed about them. 

I would have definitely changed the lighting or tried to beef it up a bit, that is a big one to learn and I haven't gotten into reflectors just yet. The other thing is the way I styled the table, I would have definitely moved a few things around in the shots but I only realised that once reviewing them on the computer screen.  It makes me think how difficult it would have been back in the days before digital... (that thought blows my mind in fact).  I do however wish I'd had a tall enough ladder so I could get some overhead shots.  That is def my next investment for future challenges.

I didn't intend to add food to the shoot as I knew I'd get too caught up in photographing that before the setting itself which wasn't the purpose of this challenge.  But towards the end I added a few little sweet pies to give the images some life.  I don't think the image above shy's away too much from the setting.

Whilst reviewing the images I came across this gem above: a little flying insect that ended up featuring in one of my images.  I'd love to say that this was on purpose but I really can't lay claim to it.  I think he just saw his internet debut opportunity and took it with all his might.  Good for him I say and thank you because this really did make me smile when I spotted it.

Make sure to look out for next months posting for the theme Morning'.  

It is still not to late to join in on the challenge.  Drop me an email or message below so that we have your blog details.


  1. Hi Ginny,
    I loved the bee shot! Awesome internet debut...haha!
    And you have the perfect green backdrop with the hedge (I am assuming, here).
    Yes, it would have been better to move the decanter/wine glasses in the last but one photo.
    But we never know till it gets on the computer screen, right?!!

    1. Thanks Anjana! Yes it was a hedge in the background :) It's such a great excuse to practice styling things and moving them around to get the right image!

  2. That bee shot was great timing indeed! Loved it. I think we all have the same problem with viewing our too small images on the camera screen. I'm going to teach myself about tethering, which is linking up your camera to the computer screen while shooting, so you can see the bigger picture and know what to tweak. I think you were lucky to have a cloudy day! They make the best days for shooting outdoors because clouds are a natural diffuser. We had nothing but blue skies all July in Vancouver - barely a cloud in sight. I had to shoot my second one under shade and manipulate the camera settings to get it brighter. Your images look great! Love all the pink contrast against the green hedge backdrop. So jealous of all your wonderful thrift finds. xx ~M.

    1. Yeah tethering might be a great idea. I do like the taking loads and loads of shots and picking out the best ones. Each time I do a shoot I learn so much about what I would/wouldn't have done. I'd be interested to go back at the end and re-shoot some of our favourite challenges with the added knowledge we'll hopefully have :)

  3. Ginny! The thrift finds are GREAT! And I love the green bud vase! It has the feel of having lunch in an English garden, I love it! See you all next month for the Morning Challenge!


    1. THANKS lady!!! :) I realised it's not 'morning' next time... it's 'vignette' ooooops! :) xXx

  4. I know what you mean about the idea of doing this before digital. The time and expense of developing all those photos would be crazy and now we just delete the blurry ones with no thought. I think the food was a nice touch. It makes the photo seem that much more inviting especially since it wasn't your focal point.

    1. Hi Anne!
      Thanks for your comment. I think having a bit of food in there does help give it more context. I would have really liked to have baked something myself to include though :) I love the idea of making something myself to include in the shoots :) Are you going to join us in the challenge? You're more than welcome to do so! xXx


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