June 28, 2013

Brunch Recipe | Pancakes

It's weekend time again and here's another brunch recipe to try.  We (us Brits) usually have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (aka Fat Tuesday) but I don't think it should be saved for just once a year.  It's quick, simple and easy and a change from the usual eggs and bacon.  

Serves 2-3

What you'll need

- 1 Cup/4oz/110g of plain flour

- 2 large eggs

- 200ml/7 fl oz milk

- 75ml/3 fl oz water

- 2 tbsp butter

- Clear runny honey

- Strawberries

- Blueberries

- Lemon

- Butter or oil for frying

How it's done

Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, this helps get air into the flour to make the pancakes light and fluffy.

Make a well in the centre of the flour and add the eggs.  Whisk with a fork until the eggs and flour are combined.

Combine water and milk then gradually add to the flour and egg mixture to form a batter.  Once all the milk has been added, ensure that all the remnants of the flour on the side of the bowl are incorporated (a rubber spatula works a treat).

Melt the butter in the microwave for approx 30 secs or until melted, taking care not to let the butter boil or burn.  Add to the batter.

Whisk again until all the mixture is combined and the batter is smooth.

Set a pan on a high heat until the pan is hot, then turn down to medium. Add a small amount of butter or oil to lightly and evenly coat the base of the pan.

Add a small ladle full of batter to the centre of the pan then quickly move the pan from side to side to make sure the batter is evenly distributed.  

Fry until slightly browned on one side and then flip over using a fish slice or palette knife, or you could just flip it by tossing the pan (this is where the fun starts).  Be warned, many a pancake has landed on heads/floors/ceilings using this method, but it's by far the best and most fun.  Cook for a few seconds until golden brown and then serve.

Don't worry if your first pancake doesn't quite turn out like you'd expect it, the first one is always a little suspect looking.

Pick out some strawberries and blueberries, squeeze a little lemon and drizzle a generous amount of honey on top.  I like to stack my pancakes up and then add the toppings but you can eat them individually too.  Experiment with toppings! :)

Happy Friday
{Recipe adapted from Delia Smith online}

This post was also aimed to work on photography skills in preparation for the photography styling challenge.  If you don't know about it already you should check it out here.  The first post is going up on Monday.  (I'll let you into a secret... I've not even started it! Ooops.  A busy weekend ahead for me!)

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  1. The truth comes out! I was wondering how you were faring on this. Good luck getting it done this weekend. ~M.



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