February 05, 2013

Broome St General Store

Having been reading other blogs and following people on Instagram, I came across a post about Broome St. General Store in Silverlake.  The thing that first attracted me was the amazing looking cappuccinos and knowing PC and his coffee addiction, I knew it wouldn't take him much convincing to go.  When we arrived, there was much more to this place than just a great looking 'cup o' joe!'  The building is a sailor blue timber ranch house, that had been converted into this magical store filled with expensive household nic-nacs.  As always, I could have spent a fortune on things that I don't necessarily need.  However, I have made a mental note of what to go back for when we eventually move house.  PC kindly treated me to one thing that really caught my eye: a colourful striped ceramic travel mug.  I can't wait to use it for my morning jasmine tea when I eventually start work again. 

The store, although very cosy in size, has been expertly laid out to maximise every inch of the space. The walls are adorned with open vintage dresser units, old fireplace surrounds used to backdrop the display tables and white painted wooden shelves that are stacked high to the rafters. These of which, are used only as a tool to display the products. Oversized mirrors are positioned at high level so not to interfere with the goods.  This also helps to increase the spacial awareness of the store and let's the shop keeper retain a watchful eye over the customers :)  Their wares range from clothing to hardware to gourmet food and classic toys.  All are timeless and simple in design with a contemporary twist. It's a hybrid that reminds me of old fashioned sweet shops, apothecaries of days gone by and hardware stores where the owners would wear sand coloured aprons and overcoats. It's an emporium of organised chaos where tradition meets modern day. 

 The staff are not only great at making coffee but taught us a new technique to using a spinning top: Spin it in the air and let it land on the work top and hey presto it carries on spinning.  I think this only works with certain tops and they sell them in store. I think this will go on the list for purchase, particularly the acorn shaped one. 

 Oh, and as for the coffee...I'll be going back for more.   

Lovely banner sign

Who goes there . . .

Dream store

Sweet tooth

Glass spice jars

Packaging delight

This is what we came for !

A mug for a mug :)

Fresh ginger tea in my new mug with my red
whistling teapot from Uncle Pepe

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