February 26, 2013

Collection 03 / Breakfast time

Breakfast is possibly my favourite meal of the day and as the saying goes: Eat like a King in the morning, a Prince at noon, and a Pauper at night.  So when we get the chance, we like to set aside a good hour or so to enjoy a hearty breakfast.  Typically, I will make a pot of jasmine green tea using my red whistling tea kettle that I got as a present at Christmas.  It reminds me of my childhood and my Grandma's house as she also had a whistling kettle.  I always wanted to pour the tea even though it was way too hot for me.  PC will often grind up some fresh coffee beans in his fancy wooden coffee grinder to use in the stove top espresso maker.  When we don't grind our own beans we do have a love for Fortnum & Mason's coffee.  Fortnum & Mason is the quintessential English department store located on Piccadilly in London's West End.  It is said that this is where the Queen gets her groceries from (although I'm sure that she doesn't pop down herself with reusable shopping bags to get them).  I have brought over many tins of the 'King's Blend' coffee and my parents have just sent over a new batch as a birthday present for PC, so we're set for a few months now.  Below are some other items that are a delight to use over breakfast.

1. Pantone mugs {Image from Alice in Designland blog} | 2. Fortnum and Mason coffee | 3. West Elm Potter's Workshop Tableware - Dot breakfast bowl  
4. Red Chantal whistling tea kettle from Crate and Barrel  | 5. Hario coffee grinder

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