February 23, 2013

Yarn spinning / Knitting project update

I decided it was time for me to sort out my yarn basket, as I realised I'd totally lost track with what projects I'm working on.  Turns out that I'm part way though eight projects!

Projects on the go!

- Surprise present for Patrick
- Surprise present for Mum
- Damask shawl from a pattern on Ravelry that I'm working on at a knit-along at GatherDTLA
- My newest challenge: yarn spinning!

I bought some hot pink roving wool and a drop spindle from Wildfiber to have a go at spinning my own yarn.  Eager to start, I used a video on YouTube (recommended to me by one of the girls at the knitting store) to help get me started.  The lady in the video, as with most things, made it look easier than it actually is.  Without considering any further research and not realising that the roving needed to be drafted out first, I impatiently steamed ahead.  I began by spinning the yarn relatively thin, which worked for me to start, but the yarn gradually grew tighter and became more difficult to separate.  Small strands of wool started to fall off and other bits began to tangle.  The yarn then began to get thicker and harder to wind.  Eventually, I gave up and decided that it would be best to take it into the yarn store to get some expert help.  The advice I got was to make sure I drafted the wool before I attempted to spin it!  If only I'd read a bit further into it, or watched a few more demonstration videos. 

I'm no Sleeping Beauty, but as a first attempt I was pretty pleased with my work.  And despite it's flaws and changes in thickness, I'll still be able to make something eclectic out of it when I've finished spinning what's left of the roving.  It'll be really fun to wear something that I've spun and knit myself.  Next step: shearing my own sheep! :)           

'Little bo Bubba' helping me sort out my projects...

Hot pink yarn and drop spindle


  1. Why not shear a llama instead?! Nice work love, I miss you for inspirational Make and Do meetings! Jessie x

  2. I should see if I can find llamas here! That would be amazing. I was chatting to a girl the other day who had been spinning rabbit angora yarn :) I wish we could still do make and do nights, I miss the food : )))) x


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