February 18, 2013

Week 8_Celebration

This week, it's the boy's birthday on Tuesday, so I'm all about celebrating! However, he has specifically requested a 'keep it casual' policy, and although I'd rather have made a big old fuss about it, I'm sticking to his wishes.  We are planning to pack up a picnic and head to the Kenneth Hahn park with the dogs for the afternoon.  We are then going to Wurstkuche in the evening for 'dogs and beers'.  For those who don't know Wurstkuche, it's a sausage grill serving gourmet hot-dogs and fine Belgian beers.  They have two restaurants, one in Venice (which, unfortunately, is under re-construction due to a police chase resulting in a car crashing into the place), and so we're left to hit the one downtown.  It's located in the LA Arts District, a funky little part of town with a mix of coffee shops, specialty retail shops, a sushi restaurant, a pie shop and a New Orleans themed jazz and blues bar. 

Other than that, it'll probably be back to business as usual.  I would, however, like to spread the birthday love a little further and make him a nice dinner on Wednesday.  There is a great fish stall at the Culver City Farmer's Market, so I think I'll pick up some nice shellfish to make either clam linguine (one of our personal favourites!) or a nice seafood stew.  I'll let 'the catch of the day' decide for us.

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