February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

This time last year, I was on a plane flying out to LA in time for PC's birthday.  My friends thought it was really romantic that I was arriving on Valentine's Day.  So not to disappoint, I failed to explain the real reason why: I'd got a really good deal on my flight.  Excited and jet-lagged when I arrived, we took the day quite easy and went out and had my staple favourite for dinner: burger and chips (fries).

Fast forward 365 days and life could not be more different.  I am now living in LA, and although I'm not working (yet), my day-to-day schedule is rapidly filling up.  PC is also very busy with various meetings, so he's in and out the house all day long.  Sometimes we are like ships that pass in the night.

Today, PC left the house first thing and I am in catching up on emails and finishing off some knitting projects before heading out to my first yarn tasting event.  We haven't arranged to do anything tonight, but I stocked up on some amazing wild mushrooms from the farmer's market, so we'll probably share some time in the kitchen cooking and catching up on our day instead. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xoxo    

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