March 07, 2013

Pen pals and chocolate

This week, I have had two lovely surprises from my amazingly fun friend Ms Helen Renshaw.  Helen and I have known each other since September 2005, when we lived together in Manchester whilst studying at university.  We'd spend some of our days in PJs hungover watching sh*t TV whilst eating crisps and toast.  Sometimes I wouldn't even make it out of my room due to a banging headache and sickness (oh the shame) and eventually (around 4 o'clock), I'd hear a tiny tap on my bedroom door. Dishevelled and groggy, I'd drag myself out of my pit and open the door to be blinded by artificial lighting and a concerned looking Helen checking to see if I was still in the land of the living.  She'd end up rolling around laughing at me in humorous disgust. This was usually followed by a trip to Subway (yes we did go in our PJs once... twice maybe) for a footlong and a large diet coke.

To this day, she still hasn't stopped 'looking after' me.  When I told her I was moving stateside, we decided to go 'old school' and vowed to become pen pals.  Sure enough, Helen was the first to send out a postcard like we'd promised, and I reciprocated.  This week, however, the first surprise I received from her was a Converse shoe box (typical Helen loves her trainers!) jam packed with a selection of Cadbury chocolates including:

two freddie frog chocolates 
two crunchies
a curlywurly
a bar of dairy milk 
a bar of dairy milk fruit and nut
a bag of mini creme eggs
a bag of mini eggs 
a bag of mini egg caramel!!!

When she said she was going to send me a few Cadbury's chocolate bars, I certainly wasn't expecting this much :)))))  It was a total dream surprise and so thoughtful.

The second surprise was a lovely and witty post that she put up on her very colourful and entertaining blog, which you can read here.

What a superstar friend you are Miss Renshaw... Come and visit me soon please ??? :) 

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