March 04, 2013

Week 10 / Reduce the intake

For those who know me, you'll know how much I love my food!  I love to cook, I love to eat out and I love to talk about food.  There isn't a moment where I'm not considering what I'm having for my next meal. It has been a whirlwind of new dining experiences since arriving in America.  Even heading to the supermarket for weekly groceries is a new challenge when compared to what I'm used to back home.  It's strange how you get used to what brands of food you buy on a weekly basis, and when they are not readily available how much you miss them.  New brands almost seem alien to you.  In a way, it's exciting to discover these new products, but then there are times when all you want is a good old English banger and a Pret BLT!  

The downside to most of these new dining experiences is the amount of food I'm consuming.  One thing in particular America is known for is it's portion sizes.  Unfortunately for me and my food loving self, I have fallen fail to this on a number of occasions.  In some ways, I am over the moon about the food I eat, but it's now got to the point where enough is enough:  fries with everything is not gonna keep the lbs off my backside.

My main weaknesses are bread and butter (and salted butter, at that), burgers (with blue cheese, or with  gruyere cheese, or with cheddar cheese, or with mozzarella cheese) and yes, cheese is another weakness (ahem... mac n' cheese).  As are crisps (chips) and dips!

Living with a boy also doesn't help, but there are ways and means of how I can overcome this overindulgence of food.  So for this week's task, I am planning to reduce my intake.  I aim to make healthier choices when we dine out (which we also need to reduce), and portion control:  one plate of food without any return trips back to the kitchen for seconds.  I also aim to cut down on my vices listed above.  I won't, however, be giving up on my bacon butty on a weekend and butter is out but olive oil is in!

And don't hold me to these rules.  If you catch me sneaking bread and salty butter, or heading back for seconds sometime down the road, my rules may have evolved!

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