March 18, 2013

Week 12 | Feeling crafty

I cannot believe we are nearly a quarter way through the year already!  I hate to say it... but time does fly (especially when you're not working at the minute).  I have been reading through several lovely blogs over the past few weeks and found that my reading interests have fallen mainly within the crafting category.  There are some amazing people out there making some really fun and inspirational things.  I started following Folk Fibers by Maura Grace Ambrose.  Maura is a girl who has a serious passion for making patchwork quilts and cushion covers.  She also makes her own dyes for the fabrics using foraged plantlife, flowers, wild mushrooms and other sustainable organic matter.  What wowed me the most about her is the fact that she hand-embroiders all the stitch details onto the quilts.  This must take such a long time but the end results are beautiful and unique.  

See below for few of my favourite currently on sale from her website:

Maura's work has inspired me to have a go at making my own, however I think this might be a bit ambitious, so I am starting off with a smaller version: a cushion cover.  Over the years, I've accumulated quite a stash of fabrics, so I made sure they all came with me in November.  Seen as they've travelled this far, it's about time I put them to good use.  

This is my progress so far:

Cushion arrangement one

Cushion arrangement two

Stitch detail to plain blue fabric

I wanted to bring a little more 'springtime feel' to the bedroom.  The cushions we currently have are a beige cable knit from the The White Company.  They are perfectly lovely, but a little more autumnal feeling than I'd like for this time of year.  My aim is to create seasonal cushions that I can swap around at different times of the year.  I will show a full round up of 'how to' once they are fully finished.

As for the rest of my week, I am aiming to start some more craft projects.  With Easter coming up in just under two weeks, I am planning to do some egg crafts.  I have ordered some wooden nesting eggs that I'm going to paint and fill with sweets and chocolates for Easter Sunday.  I'm also going to have a go at decorating real egg shells.  I just need to master the technique of getting the egg out of it's shell first!  

Happy Week 12 !!!

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