May 07, 2013

Collection 10 | Outdoor Style

It's May already, jeeeeez where does the time go! May does however mark the end of Spring and I can definitely feel it heating up around here. Having said that, {laughing to oneself whilst writing this}, it did 'throw it down' (poured) here today big styles.  I don't mind though, I was inside working, drinking a bourbon and Kentucky iced tea, home-made by Dean {hmmm...I never asked her if she'd spill the secrets to her recipe!}.  I also said to my friend Danielle the other day that "I could do with some rain" as it had gotten up to 90 degrees here, which is way too hot for me.  And yet again, I got's me some rain.  Another awesome reason why I love the rain: I don't have to water the plants outside! So it's a winner all round. With it being LA though, I doubt the rain will last much longer and as the nights stay lighter later, I am looking forward to some alfresco dining. Here are a few things on my wish list for this Summer season!

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