May 15, 2013

Make | Damask Shawl Complete !

It started on February 6th.  It finished on March 27th.  And was blocked on April 26th.  I present to you... the completed Damask Shawl !!!

It is by far and away the most difficult and challenging project I've done to date.  I definitely didn't realise what I was getting myself into but glad I stuck with it as the result is pretty damn good!  I completed the project along with 3 lovely ladies: Kim, Beth and Evi.  Evi owns the awesome knitting store Gather DTLA where the project started as a Winter Knit-along.  We have now started our Spring Knit-along which is the Medano beach bag. Mine is going to be blue and white striped with random stripes of coral.  I am trying the continental method of knitting so it's taking me a good while to get used to it.  I don't think it'll be quite as taxing as the shawl but I think it will still take me the full 7 weeks to do it !

The progress to far . . .

You can see more photos of the shawl and my other projects on my Ravelry page and also Follow my blog with Bloglovin !

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