May 02, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I never used to be so obsessed with colour, I preferred more muted tones and the 'minimalistic' look However I have recently found a new love for all things colourful.  I am really desperate to have a go at painting.  I am no artist, never have been and probably never will be but I have an itch that just won't go away.  I am trying to organise a colour palette to create an abstract piece and these are the images so far!  I love anything thats teal and turquoise and hot pink... I LOVE hot pink, which is weird because I used to hate really hate it.  Am I going more girlie in my old age!?! Naahhhh!! I just think colour really brightens up any day.  Look at the flowers I photographed.  See... how can you not love hot pink when it comes in such a natural form as spring flowers!  Anyway, enough of hot pink love, go and check out more 'Things I Love Thursday' over at Poppytalk | Apparently | Eager Emily | The Shallow Brigade | Inconstant Moon | Sang the bird

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  1. I love this post, because I love color so very much. That mug is so perfect. Makes me want some cake for tomorrow morning! ;)

  2. Yes to cake for breakfast! And you should definitely take a stab at painting - it's so much fun!

    1. I am hoping to soon... just need to find the right subject to photograph : )


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