May 14, 2013

Collection 11 | Unique LA and Echo Park Craft Fair

1. Throw bed by Hedgehouse | 2. Dip dye rope knot bracelet by Tanya Aguiniga | 3. Teakwood & tobacco candle by Pommes Frites Candle Co. 4. Reclaimed brass and timber wall sconce by MFEO | 5. Ceramic teacups by OK Universe

I have been here for six months already and I'm now starting to seek out some cool places to visit on the weekends.  The past weekend was full of fun craft fairs and flea markets and I headed out to two of them DowntownEcho Park Craft Fair and Unique LA Spring show.  Unique LA was a lot bigger than the Echo Park fair but both had some really lovely things to offer.  Really made me want to do my own stall of hand sewn things for the house {hmmm really thinking about that now...} Anyway, above are some of the things that really caught my eye. I urge everyone to go out and support your local crafty peeps by buying something as lovely as the things I saw!  See below for where we ended up eating afterwards...

{poster images from Unique LA and Echo Park Craft Fair with thanks}

We started off at the Echo Park craft fair and then stopped off at The Pie Hole for some of their amazing coffee.  I have yet to try the pies from there but they look delicious.  The interior is pretty cool too.  The walls are clad in white painted timber panels that go 3/4's of the way up and then the wall above is painted royal blue.  Sunday was possibly the hottest day I've experienced here so far and we ended up schlepping across Downtown in the 90 degree heat between the two fairs. Not the wisest idea we've had and by the end of it I was 'glowing' in the face and pink on the shoulders.  I've been told the first Summer is the worst but after that you get used to it... I hope so!

Echo Park Craft Fair

Cappuccino from The Pie Hole
White wood cladding and blue walls

By the time we got back to the car we were SO hungry so we stopped off at Wurstkuche where we went for PC's Birthday.  We LOVE that place!!! Brats and beers all round please!

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