May 06, 2013

Week 19 | The Fig House LA | Part 1

Whilst I am sat here having a 'Nigella moment' and eating leftover cornbread from yesterday's Cinco de Mayo, I can finally reveal the project I have recently been working on with Emily Henderson and Dean Fisher (both super energetic and inspiring ladies).  The Fig House LA is going to be a really cool event space in the up-and-coming Highland Park area.  It's the next hospitality venture of Steve Fortunato of roomforty: a stunning catering company based in LA.  He and his team produce some of the most beautiful looking food I've seen this side of the Atlantic.  And with food that amazing, this new venture of his is set to be pretty special indeed! With Emily as the designer and Dean as the project manager, everyone is going to want to book this place out... Hmmm, thinking up a good excuse to host an event here!

The concept is art deco meets 1980's with a splash of neon, a glug of vintage, finished off with local commissioned artwork (sourced by the The Jealous Curator) and a sprinkling of 'the weird'. 

My job, as Emily describes it, is 'renderer'.  I have never been called that before but I'm super excited to be involved and it's my first job in the US.  I have been setting up elevations and visuals so that the team can see their visions on paper rather than just in their heads.  And so far it's looking pretty darn good!!

Unfortunately, I can't show the full extent of my work yet but here is one of Emily's Instagram pics {with thanks} that she took during an initial meeting.

The site itself is pretty grim but has so much potential.  Below are a few pics I took on site.  Dark, dismal and really yellow, I hear you cry? Do.not.worry the yellow is going!  As is the plasterboard ceiling, which is being ripped out to expose the existing timber trusses underneath.  The vinyl floor finish is being removed (phew) to reveal the existing concrete slab.  The idea is to keep the concrete exposed and stain it out.  We're experimenting with colours on site today. The trusses are pretty low so it's crucial we get the floor colour right!  What do you think? Sounding cool so far?  Well that is as much as you are getting at this point, I'm afraid to say!  I can add that one of my favourite colours is topping the charts to be featured... Teal!  My 'team teal' buddies James and Francesca will be stoked to hear this.  I miss you guys! :(

The website and blog have officially been set up (check them out!) and the construction started last week.  So please keep popping by for more updates on the progress and don't forget to follow my blog with Bloglovin !


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see the final space. ~M.

  2. This is so exciting. Congratulations on your first expat job!

  3. wow that is super exciting, good for you!


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