August 01, 2013

Things I Love Thursday | Floral

I go through phases of loving floral.  I often dream that my life should be similar to something you'd see in Country Living Magazine, where I'd work from my converted 'chic shed' over looking the veg patch and rose garden .  And on weekends I'd meet with the locals for a bake off and exchange preserves and pickles.  Granted, I'm sounding like I'm turning 60 and not 30 this year but countryside living has always been a dream of mine.  That being said, most people know me as a city loving gal and when I moved out of the big smoke and into LA's urban sprawl, I somewhat freaked out.  I feel my life/interior should be some form of weird hybrid between traditional county cottage and modern/urban/Scandinavian.  SO in other words... I-haven't-got-a-bloody-clue!

Right on I'm rambling but this week is floral... all kinds of inspirational weird and wonderful floral.

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1 comment :

  1. haha, I know what you mean! I feel very similarly about florals and interiors.


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