August 19, 2013

The Weekly Dozen Vol. 4

Over the last week I've not had as much chance to get out with my Nikon DSLR but managed to grab a few snaps with my iPhone 5.  We were house-sitting the past couple of weekends in Silver Lake which is an area of East LA and set up in the hills.  We spent most of our time on long walks with the dogs, and cooking.  We are hoping to move this way in the near future so it was great to spend a weekend here living like a local.

The view from the top deck in the back garden {Taken with iPhone5}

Flowers on a walk up in the residential neighbourhood of Silver Lake {Taken with iPhone5}

A hidden door to one of the houses up in the Silver Lake hills {Taken with iPhone5}

If you haven't already got bored of my brunch foods, here is another frittata.  This time I made it with white onions, potatoes, parsley and feta cheese.

{Taken with Nikon D80}

{Taken with Nikon D80}

{Taken with Nikon D80}

Another brunch favourite of mine are soft boiled eggs with Vegemite toast soldiers... {Taken with iPhone5}

Mr Theo Curran {Taken with Nikon D80}

An afternoon sugar hit whilst I'm working {Taken with iPhone5}

Knitted cacti on sale at The Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea {Taken with iPhone5}

Project in progress Hudson Bay Inspired Blanket {Taken with iPhone5}

Hitchhiker scarf {Taken with iPhone5}

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