August 02, 2013

The Weekly Dozen Vol.2

It's week 2 of The Weekly Dozen and this week I have included a few of my Instagram and iPhone5 photos.  Mainly because I didn't get to go out with my Nikon D80 as much this week, therefore it's more of a 'my week in photos' post :)

I have a friend in town from the UK staying with us this week which has been awesome.  It's always so great seeing friends from back home.  He brought us a lovely egg cup each from Liberty, which is one of my favourite stores in London!  I bought the little woven matt from my favourite thrift store here. {Taken with Nikon D80}

In an effort to use my 'big' camera I headed out into Culver to do a bit of exploring.  Whilst on route I spotted this super bright green door.  This photo is by no means earth shatteringly good but I just liked the colour. One thing I will note about this pic is that having shot most of my pics last week indoors, outdoor photography is WAY harder! I'm hoping to head out this weekend to the beach to get more practise in. {Taken with Nikon D80}

This tower is part of the Kirk Douglas Theatre building in Downtown Culver. {Taken with Nikon D80}

On my adventure I stopped off at the Farmers' Market.  I only really got a few pics that were decent enough to pop up here (and I know it's a stretch at that but this is a learning challenge after all) {Taken with Nikon D80}

I also managed to fit in a bit of thrifting again this week and stumbled across this cute kid's wicker chair.  I almost got it for Mr Theo Curran but I decided against that one... I did however buy the floral glass.  I love it because it's pretty tacky but also has gold on it and I love pretty much most things that are gold.  It has now quickly become my new favourite water glass.  {Taken with iPhone5}

I realise that I'm clutching at straws with this one but it was breakfast time and I like the look of the beans so what the heck here is No.9 of The Weekly Dozen.  {Taken with Nikon D80}

These two were taken today on a fabric shopping trip for The Fig House with Emily. The flamingo fabric didn't make the shortlist but I just had to take a pic of it.  I'd love to use it somewhere someday.  And the other fabrics did make it into the shortlist.  It's pretty evident that we are hooked on velvet. {Taken with iPhone5}

I couldn't do this challenge without getting at least one pic of these two knuckleheads in here... Mr Theo Curran and Mr Laertes von Vonderson Stinky Banana aka Bubba  {Taken with Nikon D80}

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  1. My favorites are the neon green door and the coffee beans! ~M.


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