January 13, 2013


We hit the store Wildfiber in Santa Monica to pick up some thick needles for my yarn basket.  Whilst we were there I ended up impulse buying some wool so I could make a blanket.  I have been itching to have a go at making one for some time now and I'm encouraged even more by us being in the midst of our cold weather season.  For those reading in the UK, believe me when I tell you that LA does actually have it's chilly winter spells (I'm sat here wrapped up on the sofa in sweatpants and a hoodie).   

The first colour to catch my eye was a vibrant peacock blue.  I further selected two more bright colours to compliment it: pumpkin orange and kelly green.  I teamed these up with a soft beige yarn to create a mixture of bold and neutral stripes.  

The pattern: I was inspired by the Hudson Bay Blanket from Purl Bee, so I am doing a variation of this.  To start, I have cast on 160 stitches using 6mm needles.  I think it's going to take me some time to make, but with the season three of Downton Abbey starting here, it will be my Sunday evening ritual :)

7 Skeins

Beige ball ready to go

Slow process...

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