January 25, 2013

Oysters and the Mandrake

To keep up with our day of food, we headed to L&E Oyster Bar, a quirky little joint over in Silverlake.  I've had a quite a lot of oysters in my time, but I've never had so many to choose from in one sitting.  We started off with the days special, four of each of the following:
- Hollie Wood Zen from Denman Island, BC
- Hama Hama from Hood Canal, WA
- Chefs Creek from Deep Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
All from the West Coast Pacific.

Following that nifty dozen, we tried some from near Prince Edward Island in the northeast of Canada: 
- Beausoleil from Miramichi Bay, NB

We then had 2 more of the following:
- Peters Point from Buzzards Bay, MA
- Tomahawk from Southhampton, NY
All from the East Coast Atlantic.

We topped off our night by heading to a bar that we've discovered within a five minute walk from our house.  Mandrake Bar is a young and hip scene, much like the places you would see in either Brixton or the NQ in Manchester, so it was right up my alley.  They specialise in cocktails, but I stuck with my original choice of the evening: red wine (and my head very much paid for it the next day).  

The interior space is minimal in design with timber panelling wrapping up the wall and onto the ceiling over the bar.  The bar itself spans the length of the space in the main room and opposite is a long, fixed, black timber seating banquette.  In the second room is the DJ stand with a few raw timber bench seats and white walls.   Projected onto the far wall was old episodes of the Mad Men series.  Other walls in the room are used as a gallery for artists to display their work.  The current exhibition is by Dave Muller. The music, I thought, was really fun to dance to, but if you're looking for a quiet chat, you might want to find a spot closer to the bar.  There is a small outdoor space at the back which will be great in the summertime.  



East Coast Oysters

East Coast Atlantic

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