January 21, 2013

Week 4_'Catch-Up' / Careful what you wish for...

This week, I thought it was about time I caught up on some emails that I've not had the chance to reply to.  I like to be able to sit down with a cuppa' and take the time to properly catch up with people.  So, that is my task for week 4.

And so it began . . .  

When I was in London, me and my good friend Little James Scott would always have conversations about how much we love the cold, miserable, English weather.  He always looks forward to the winter months arriving.  So much so I spent last winter (and summer) making a scarf for him to wear throughout the cold season.  I was emailing him yesterday and saying how much I'd loved being in the snow over Christmas.  And that it had made me really miss the grim cold back home.  I told him that since getting back to LA it has been sunshine and blue skies so far and that I needed a day of rain.  Well, the heavens could not have opened up much further today.  Sorry folks of LA, it seems that when the British girl wishes for snow in Connecticut, the girl gets snow and when she wishes for rain in LA, the girl gets rain!  Fortunately and unfortunately, I'm laid up with a cold and Patrick seems to be catching it too.  I only wish I had an Emmerdale or Coronation St. omnibus to catch up on and it would feel like a sick day off school.  Perhaps I should wish for sunny days in England for all my people back home.

Today will be spent crocheting in bed.  Inspired by my friend Riannon's granny square blankets, I've started my own in a red yarn.  It's going great so far.  However, I have been reading a blog by Folk Fibers and I'm inspired to start quilting, so I might rummage through my fabric supply to see what I have suitable.  Although I keep getting told off by Patrick for not staying in bed to fight off my sickness.  I guess it has been lingering since before Christmas.

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