January 10, 2013

Hiking in Runyon Canyon

New year, new work out: For the dogs...

With the pooches gaining a combined four lbs. over the last year, it's time for them to get their LA workout on.  So, on this sunny Thursday morning, we set out for a hike up to the summit of Runyon Canyon.  

Lovely weather, great views, ideal workout and perfect for people watching!  
As rituals go, a trip to Runyon is usually followed by a stop off at Canter's Deli for a quart of matzo ball soup and pastrami on rye with a pickle.  Not really in the New Years resolutions (trying to cut down on the meat), but try to come between me and my pastrami and you're a dead person! :) The girl loves her pastrami!  Plus, I've been trying to shake off a cold since before Christmas and matzo ball soup is the perfect elixir.

Hopefully see you next week Runyon.  We're aiming to make this a weekly venture to keep the boys young and fit.

Nice day for a hike!

View over the city

View of the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood sign

View of Downtown LA

Super Theeeeeeeeeee!!!

Matzo ball soup, pastrami on rye and pickle:
The ultimate cure for a cold!

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