April 07, 2013

Make | Nesting Eggs

So, I should have probably posted this before Easter but I actually didn't get round to doing the crafting until the night before Easter Sunday.  But here it is anyway...

Having seen lots of egg related craft posts on different blogs recently, I bought some wooden nesting eggs from the Golden Cockerel to paint for Easter.  I had no idea what colour to paint them but I knew I wanted to do the baby egg in gold, and feature a pale mint colour on another.  Whilst perusing the UK edition of Elle Decoration on Saturday morning, an interesting image jumped out at me, so I took a photograph of it to keep it for some future inspiration.  What I liked best about it was it's bright colour palette.  I later decided that I could take several tones from this image to paint the eggs with, which is eggactly (sorry, couldn't resist!) what I did...

PC is pretty handy when it comes to choosing paints and mixing colours, which is great for me as I am fairly new to it.  We had a free night on Saturday, so we stayed in, threw on some old records, opened a bottle of vino and got our paint on!  Whilst we were out at the store buying gold paint for the eggs, we also picked up some terracotta plant pots (also to paint) for our new orchids.  PC got to work on the pots whilst I started on my eggs.  The eggs were already beautifully sanded down so didn't require a primer coat which meant I could jump straight onto the colour. I found it easier to spread the paint when the brush was a little wet, which came in handy the most when I was doing the edges.

We got sent some cute Easter bags and cards from our housemate's Mum, so I put all the chocolate from her into the eggs ready for Easter.  Although I have never really been interested in painting in the past I'm actually really enjoying it.  Once I am finished with the eggs I'm going to work on my own terracotta plant pot.

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