April 11, 2013

Recipe | Easter Cornflake Nests

Another very late Easter blog post but what the heck...
This is mainly for my American affiliates who had no idea what these were (I even had to explain to PC why I'd used mini eggs: "they are Easter birds nests, darling!" 
I was gutted that I couldn't track down my beloved  hot cross buns anywhere and didn't really have the time to make any of my own.  So instead I went back to the childhood days and made cornflake cakes.

What you'll need:                                            

- 1 Box of Cornflakes

- 2 Bars of 100g chocolate (I used Lindt 70%)

- 1 Bag of Cadbury's mini eggs

- 1 Tablespoon of runny honey

- 1 Tablespoon of syrup (I couldn't find golden syrup in the supermarket so I used maple syrup instead)

- 50g/2oz Butter

- Cute paper cases for them to sit in

How it's done:
Lay out the paper cases into a fairy cake tin.  

Melt the chocolate, butter, honey and syrup in a bowl over a pan of simmering water (ensure that the bowl isn't touching the water as this will make the chocolate mixture burn)

Once all the mixture has melted, start to add in the cornflakes.  (I added one cup at a time making sure all the cornflakes were evenly coated.  The original recipe I went off called for only 1 cup which was way too little for the mixture I had.  You are trying to achieve a light even coat to all the flakes)

When you feel you have added enough cornflakes, start to spoon into the paper cases.

Top with 3 mini eggs and pop the tray in the fridge so that the chocolate sets.

This also works great with Rice Krispies too !!!

Easy Easter Nests!

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