April 25, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

It's week two of 'Things I Love Thursday'.  I found the Boston image (1) which is for a magazine cover.  I think it's a really sensitive and thought provoking image using the marathon runner's shoes.  It's a beautiful way to honour the people who took part.  Read the story behind the cover by following the link below.

I am currently (always have been) loving anything brass/gold so I am loving the pillow image (2) which is also a 'DIY' on the Land of Nod blog. I think this blog is more tailored to 'all things children/tween's' (to which I have none) but there are some really nice inspiration images on there!  

I have recently planted up some succulents which are perfect for the SoCal weather and now I am desperate to get these brass pots (image 3) for some other plants. Simple and elegant.

Every now and then I find an image (4) of an architectural space that really excites me.  With this particular image it's the mirroring lines of the floor finish and wall finish that wraps up to the ceiling/underside of the roof.  The use of materials is simple, yet affective and the use of the large panes of glass make a connection with the outdoors almost making it feel like one space.

We are currently in the process of making over the office space in our house so I'm constantly looking up images (5) of fun inspiration for that. I'm a list maker, so this DIY hanging 'notepad' is a great idea.

Lastly, and I'm not sure I even need to write as to why I chose this image... 1. It's chocolate 2. It's cake 3. There's a brass pan in the background... with chocolate in it!!!  Enough said! 


  1. Beautiful images. The Boston image evokes emotion; it is incredibly poignant.
    The styling in #6 is perfect, and I'm loving the brass planters too!
    From a fellow list maker {and list lover}; the hanging notepad is awesome!! xx

  2. Such a wonderful collection!

    The Boston image is striking, beautiful and emotional all at the same time. Also, don't worry about liking Land of Nod. I do too! I don't think it is all just for kids. ;)

    P.S. Getting back to your comment on my blog.... I DO need to visit LA!

  3. i'm a huge brass/gold type person also, those planters are amazing!


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