April 18, 2013

Things I love Thursday

I have to say that I have been super rubbish this week at tending to my blog.  And as a result I didn't get chance to do my usual Tuesday Collection or even my 'weekly round up' (shame on you!)

However, when reading through the blogs I follow on a daily basis, I came across a fun post from Poppytalk called: 'Things I love Thursday'.  

The post was an invite to join in with 'Things I love Thursday' and share what has been inspiring you that week.  The idea being, those who are partaking (and those who aren't) can see what each other are currently being inspired by.  It is also a great way to be introduced to new blogs that you might not have  already come across.

So here is my 'Things I love Thursday' montage.  Thanks Poppytalk this is a really great way to start my very late blogging week!  


  1. I did one of these too! That raspberry lemonade looks amazing. =]

    Check my Things I love Thursday post at


  2. Thanks for participating - and yes I agree, that raspberry lemonade looks delicous!


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