April 12, 2013

Make | Suede Keyring

I have had this lovely pink pig suede in my fabric stash since university and have never found the right project for it.  So when I saw this keyring 'make-it' on designlovefest I thought I'd give it a go.  The photos are a little wobbly but hopefully you get the gist :)

You can use any bits of left over fabric (preferably leather/suede) to make it with.

Tools required:
- Left over fabric scraps
- Self seal cutting board
- Craft knife or fabric scissors
- Metal ruler (Try to get one with an edge or lip to protect your fingers when using the craft knife)
- Multi surface pencil or fabric chalk
- Fabric glue (suitable for use with leather)
- One no. 1/2 inch split ring
- Pegs or bulldog clip
- Skewer or cocktail stick

Baby pink pig suede

How to:
- Using the ruler and pencil/chalk, measure out the following rectangular strips:
       - One no. 1 3/4" x 8 1/2" (Strip A)
       - Two no. 1/2" x 8 1/2" (Strip B)
       - One no. 1/8" x 5" (Strip C)

You should have a total of four strips.

Start to cut rectangular strips

See below for further images and instructions

You should have a total of four strips.

- Put aside 'Strip C' until towards the end of the project.
- Mark a line 3" from both of the ends on Strip A and both B Strips.
- Measure and mark 1/2" increments from the end to the line you have just drawn.  You will be working across the longest part of the fabric.
- Cut along the 1/2" lines to make the fringing.  To get a straight edge I used a craft knife and metal ruler.  Be careful doing it this way as the knife may slip. Alternatively use a sharp pair of fabric scissors.

- Position the two thin strips of fringed fabric on top of each other.  Make sure the side you want to be on the outside is facing down towards the mat.
- Position the two strips on top of the larger fringed fabric.  Again ensuring your 'right side' fabric is facing down.

- Fold one side of the larger fringed fabric over the other applying a line of glue to secure.  I squeezed a little glue onto a scrap piece of fabric and then dipped a skewer into it to apply the glue from there.  This prevented any explosions of glue and further mess.
- Place a peg or bulldog clip onto the centre part where the fabric has been glued to secure until dry (this should take no longer than five minutes)

Secure with a peg or two

- Place the key ring on the end and fold over in half and secure with a little glue.
- Get Strip C and add a little glue to on end and position at the top of the fringing and wrap around.
- Secure with another blog of glue.

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