April 01, 2013

Week 14 | New job

I was so hectic last week I didn't have time to document any of my goings on!  Why was I so busy? ... I got a job !!!  HURRAY :)  I am helping out with some visualisation and drawings for an event space (full details cannot be revealed just yet!) with Emily Henderson and Dean Fisher.  I am finally back in the land of Vectorworks, Photoshop and meeting with clients.  The position is only temporary, but I'm hoping it might open some doors once it's over.  I am currently working from home, and then meeting up with the team when required, so it's really a nice transition from the 'stay at home' lifestyle I have been living.  Plus it gets me back amongst creatives again, which I have been seriously craving.  We had a meeting on Friday which was great as I got to meet with the whole team and see the space for myself.  Once the meeting had finished we spent the afternoon wandering the antiques stores of Pasadena which was AWESOME!!! I am now desperate for PC and I to move so we can really start to make a house into a home... and basically get loads of gorgeous antique furniture! :) I'm feeling super inspired by the people I'm working with and the work that I am doing. 

Even though I didn't get much time to get onto my computer for blogging last week, I still managed to get some fun crafting in.  I finally finished my Damask shawl (pictured below).  I can't wait to block it so that it increases in size.

See more below ...

Last week, we also had PC's parents in town which, as always, was really fun.  They brought us some amazing smelling orchids that really help to brighten up our pad and also add some greenery to the place.  After they left on Saturday, PC and I had a free night so we stayed in and decorated some terracotta pots to put them in.  When I get a chance I will post more photos of these and a 'how-to'.  

It was also Easter over the weekend.  I had bought some wooden nesting eggs from the golden cockerel, so I also decorated these on Saturday night. I have never really been into painting in the past, but I have definitely got the bug for it at the minute.

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  1. Oh, the new job sounds so exciting! And a really nice transition too. :)

    The nesting eggs are the perfect Easter project. Hope you had a great Easter holiday! :)

    P.S. Per your comment, I did make the top in my post. I'll write about it soon! :)

  2. Fabulous! Congrats on the job x

  3. Well done you on the job missy! xxx


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