June 24, 2013

Blogshop LA

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This weekend I helped out with Blogshop: a two day intensive Photoshop course for bloggers, run by Bri from Designlovefest and Angela from Angela + Ithyle.  I have used Photoshop for several years now, so it was a joy to be able to use those skills to help others.  Whilst Bri and Angela lead the class, my job, along with Camille from Planning Pretty and Julia, Angela's intern, was to help people when they got stuck.  Some people picked it up quicker than others so we were there on hand to help those that took a little longer to understand.

Blogshop is known for its attention to detail and this weekend didn't fail.  The whole space was adorned with cacti, succulents and other greenery from Twig and Twine that sat in little terracotta plant pots that had been painted with coloured stripes.  There was a Smilebooth with a folding wooden screen that had been painted with white and mint geometric shapes for the backdrop.  And a cute staging area with a wicker lounger and side table, a rug and a huge paper garland that had been hand cut and sewn together on a sewing machine.  All the decoration was done by Natalie Shriver.

Each students desk area was set up with a blogshop magazine guide, a bkr water bottle and a goodie bag containing a set of earrings from Amano Studio, a packet of coffee beans from Handsome Coffee (we also had three big pitchers of iced coffee to keep us all going over the weekend), a grey and gold ceramic dish from Canvas Home, a pack of notecards from Think & Ink Studio and some watermelon nail wraps from Scratch (Angela got me to put them on (which I have never done before) so she could photograph them.  All I can say is thank God for photoshop clone stamp for touch-ups).  All the goodies were presented in blue stripy Baby Baggu's.  Pretty awesome goodies if you ask me.

I met some really cool and inspiring people and it's amazing how blogging has become so popular.  I exchanged details with a few people so I'll hopefully meet up with them for coffee at some point soon.


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Hope you don't forget about me as you make some cool friends in the LA area. =) ~M.



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