June 13, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I am loving timber and texture this week, a bit on the more masculine side.  I was asked to put together a mood board for a project and these are some of the images I found.  I particularly love the blue sofa (I mean who wouldn't) with the raw timber firewood in the background it really makes this colour pop. It's a very regal blue and I could totally see Lizzy wearing this shade to one of her many soiree's.  Since I've been hanging out with The Fig House girls, my eye has been drawn to vintage paintings which is why I love the greyhound picture.  I usually hate (strong word I know) greyhounds. They're skinny and so sleazy looking to me but this guy looks like he's got some meat on his legs, so he can stay. The textured hexagonal wooden tiles, in my book are amazing.  I featured the gold ones on the blog a few weeks back. I would really love to use any of these somewhere, preferably my home.  The walnut furniture in image 4 has a real modern meets mid-century vibe which I adore.  I'm becoming more aware of my home style and mid-century is high on the list. The last image is of a restaurant in New York.  I just love the dark wooden panels and the taxidermy.  It makes me think of somewhere you'd find in a old Scottish castle, all that's missing are a set of bagpipes, a glass of Scotch and a tartan kilt (Macdonald Clan of course!)

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1 comment :

  1. wow I would love a visit to that NY restaurant- what a cool vibe.


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