June 11, 2013

Collection 14 | Cocktail Hour

1. Bar Cart | 2. Cocktail Shaker | 3. Bar Spoon | 4. Gold Jigger | 5. Ice Bucket

I'm all about having a cocktail in the evening, as a matter of fact I'm sat here drinking an ice cold vodka-soda with fresh lime... so what if it's only the beginning of the week!  It has been said to me on occasion, that you know you've come of age when you start craving a G&T around 5pm and have a fully stocked bar in your house (and I'm not talking about a sticky bottle of Malibu and a few old cans from parties past).  Sadly, or not, we do have a a few bottles of the good stuff (in my opinion) in the cupboard.  After all, dare I say it, I am turning 30 this year.  GULP. Literally.  Vodka down in one at the thought of that.  So whether you are coming of age or just fancy enough to have yourself a fully stocked bar, here are a few essentials and some yummy recipes to try.  Now, where's the rest of that bottle?!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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