June 20, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

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I'm mixing a splash of colour with some more neutral imagery this week.  I love the deep coloured floral print in image #1.  I don't often go for chintzy floral patterns, but I like this because of it's depth and shades of blue.  I was using a chunky pencil to write on the walls of the Fig House site the other day and it was pretty satisfying to scribble with. Much like when you get your first set of Crayola's as a kid, and why I like the wooden pencils in image #2.  I have been researching timber moulding of recent and my eye was drawn to the detail of the timber doors of image #3.  The light feature in image #4 is simply awesome and works well in this tall, bright and airy space.  There seems to be more and more textile designers coming up on my internet research of late, which is making me want to design my own fabrics.  There are lots of DIY's for napkins out there, but these ones (image #5) are already avail to purchase.  

Image #6 firstly gets its very own paragraph, as the dude in the picture is one of my very best guys in the whole entire world.  Theo is a bit of a sickly puppy and often suffers from asthma attacks.  He has a bit of a crooked jaw from it being broken when he was found on the streets.  When I say he's a sickly puppy, he is also the sweetest little puppy ever.  He lives for his treats which he gets after his morning walk, loves his belly rubs and often wears little sweaters when he gets cold.  I've never seen a tail wag as fast as his does and never seen someone so keen to get upstairs to bed when all he does is sleep all day.  I was staying away one night last week and he had a little sickly moment, so PC took a photo of him and sent it to me (notice the spit up between his front paws).  He was totally fine afterwards but now has a little cold and keeps sneezing.  I didn't grow up with dogs and when I moved to LA I wasn't just moving in with PC, I was moving in with this guy and his older brother Bubba.  Even though they take over the bed and have stinky breath they inspire me everyday.  I never understood the term 'puppy-dog eyes' or 'a dog is a man's best friend' until I moved here.


  1. Aw, I love that Theo wears sweaters when he's cold. Adorable : )


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