June 19, 2013

Interior Inspiration | Studio Hatch

I'm sorry for my MIA, I took a few days off blogging to hang out with some friends who were in town visiting.  We spent most of out time relaxing and sitting in the sunshine... believe me, it's not like this all the time! 

Anyway, I'm back and will endeavour to continue with my regular posts.  In the meantime, I wanted to share some great photos/interiors/styling images from Studio Hatch, a design company based in San Francisco.  I just love the blue chair along with the brass lamp used in image 7.  And also really appreciate the simplicity of the house in images 4-6.  There is something about interior styling that really makes me want to de-clutter everything and go for the minimal approach.  Never gonna happen though, I like having 'things' around me.  Still, it's nice to get inspiration all the same. Enjoy...  

All images from Studio Hatch {with thanks}

Happy Hump Day!

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